Optivac AG
Prismastrasse 5
CH-9444 Diepoldsau
T +41 +71 737 74 00
F +41 +71 737 74 10





Optivac is located in Diepoldsau, Switzerland. We have a first-class infrastructure and highly qualified employees.

High-tech optics produced in high-tech surroundings. The new Optivac building was designed with Optivac products and processes in mind. One could say that the new building was planned and built around Optivac production processes. Without this the innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and process technology would not have been possible.

The planning placed priority on contemporary, employee-friendly working conditions, with spacious rooms and plenty of daylight inside the building.

With its close proximity to the highway and the EU border, the location in Diepoldsau is perfect.


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